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Six Word Saturday

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Joining Six Word Saturday this week over at Show My Face.

All grown up.  What to be?

Summers are for reflection for me.  The rest of the year I tend to be so busy that I don’t have a ton of time to think about “things” or reflect on what I’m doing with my life and whether it is what I should be doing with my life or not.  I make all sorts of plans and read all kinds of self-improvement blogs and such and then the school year starts and I’m incapable of remembering my name let alone remembering what I am supposed to be doing to make myself a better person.

I love what I do.  I love teaching.  I even love coaching Speech and Debate most of the time.  But, I also love to write and speak to people outside of my classroom.  And I would love to actually make money doing those things (writing and speaking), but it is tough to figure out whether that is just a far-off dream that I am unwilling to commit to enough to be successful or whether it is that “call” that each of us has inside for what we are truly meant to do/be.

So, summer down time is here and my heart is able to wonder…what to be?

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  1. That is what my last three summers have been like. I don’t get to find out until right before school starts.

  2. magicalmysticalteacher magicalmysticalteacher

    Listen…and you will know…

  3. Do not worry. It will all become clear. Trust me.

  4. I think you need quite a lot of determination to make a writing career work but I’m glad you have a little space and time to think. 🙂

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