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Five Minute Friday – Purpose

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I’m joining up with Five Minute Friday again this week. I encourage you to join this supportive writing community each week and right now, they are finalizing spots at their summer retreat in Kansas City MO.  I won’t be attending as it is the weekend of my 2nd annual camping trip with friends and family but I am sure it will be a great experience!  If I weren’t camping that weekend, I would be trying to go to the retreat for sure.

This week’s prompt is “Purpose”.  Here we go…

I struggle to live each day on purpose.  I am often dealing with issues, putting out fires and trying to avoid tragedies. Much of this is self-created because I am not living each day on purpose.  I go from fire to fire or emergency to emergency, without a plan or a strategy or…should I say, a purpose?  And it is exhausting.  So, I try to make plans.  I try to create strategies.  But, I am not always good at follow through.  But, maybe if I can think of living and acting “on purpose” instead of thinking about it as some kind of disciplinary actions, I can be better.  If I wake each morning and tell myself that I will only act “on purpose” that day, so I will eat breakfast “on purpose” not “if I have time” and I will dress “on purpose” not without any idea of why I’m wearing what I’m wearing, I will make better decisions and feel better about my life.

Living “on purpose” will take time and effort though.  I feel as though I put in a lot of effort for others, but not always for myself.  I often tell my daughter that simply saying sorry for something you did after doing it is not good enough if you aren’t thinking about your actions and making decisions “on purpose” because your lack of thinking is causing others pain or discomfort.  Well, my lack of making decisions “on purpose” is causing myself discomfort and pain.  So, maybe I can live by my own rules…

That’s it – five minutes.  I had not thought about this particular subject when I started writing, but I like the idea of living “on purpose” – so we’ll give it a try!

Hope to see you over at Five Minute Friday!

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Purpose

  1. Some great thoughts! I find myself surviving and not living most of the time because of not doing things on purpose. And I’m great at giving others advice but not taking it myself. Thanks for sharing! Your neighbor at FMF. Right after you. Forgot my#.

    1. I am so good at giving advice (and usually it is pretty good advice), but not following it myself. I feel like it is a little “if you can’t do, teach” for me. But, I KNOW I can do…I just have to focus. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Living “on purpose.” Being intentional in all that we do. I agree that it is much easier to do for others than it is for ourselves. But it is SO necessary! Thanks for this post! Glad I found your post in the linkup this week.

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