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Minimize, Energize and Get Wise

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I have felt overwhelmed and frustrated lately.  I am either doing work, doing housework or running errands constantly lately.  I feel like my job(s) have taken over my life and my family is suffering from it.  I also feel like I am constantly consuming things.  I buy groceries, clothing, craft supplies, more groceries, housewares, more craft supplies, cleaners, more groceries.  Sigh…it is insane.  I feel like I’m living this video:

and I’m not happy about it.  So much stuff.

I realize I’m not the worst.  I buy a lot of my clothing second hand.  I buy a majority of my household goods second hand.  I try to give away things I am getting rid of instead of just throwing it out (although, sometimes I get really frustrated and just throw things out).  But, I am still consuming at rates that are ridiculous.  And I am guilty of wanting more, constantly.  I have so much food in my refrigerator, freezer and cabinets that I don’t even know what is there.  As I spoke about earlier in my Five Minute Friday Purpose post, I often don’t plan with purpose.  I don’t live on purpose.  But, I’m hoping that is going to change.

I had a moment of kismet earlier tonight.  After thinking about how I feel so overwhelmed and completely incapable of doing what needs to be done around my house and work and finances, I received an email from one of my favorite bloggers, Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom about another favorite blogger’s new program for people like me.  The Humorous Homemaker is starting a new program called the Home Management How-To (affiliate link) that sounds like just what I need.  And Money Saving Mom is hosting a Facebook group that will be following the program and will offer a place for ideas, support and probably a bit of venting (or maybe that will just be me?).  The things that attracted me to the program was the first line in the description: “If you’ve struggled to find a routine for your home that works, there is relief to be found.”  I have struggled.  Oh, how I have struggled. And I need relief.  NOW!  I also appreciated that she includes bonus material designed for people who work outside the home.  And crockpot recipes.  And laundry advice.  And kitchen cleaning advice.  And how to establish routines for your family.  And so much more that sounds like just what I need.

So, I’ll be posting once a week on my progress (perhaps tied into the Facebook group check-ins) and maybe I will see some of you along for the ride?!?  I really hope that this is helpful.  I am really in need of it at this point.  And it is coming at a good time because I have Spring Break in only one more week, which means I will have some time to really work at establishing systems and routines before jumping back into school, travel for work, etc.

Wish me luck!

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