Five Minute Friday – Abandon? Yes!

Once again joining Five Minute Friday over at Kate Montaug’s blog, Heading Home.  It has been a bit of rough week, but I am now on Spring Break officially, so things are looking up!

Here we go:

I refuse to abandon hope that my life will get better.  Even though I seem to live through the same rough times year after year after year (with other, additional rough times sprinkled throughout), I refuse to abandon the hope that I can overcome them and live a better, less stressful life.  Maybe that makes me naive?  Maybe that makes me unrealistic?  But, maybe it just makes me someone who realizes that I am responsible for most of these rough times and if I choose to live differently, life WILL be different.  So, what do I mean by living differently?  Well, here are the things I WILL abandon in order to not abandon hope:

First, I will abandon the thought that I can do anything on my own, but will instead look to God.  I look inward and focus on myself way too often.  I don’t listen nearly enough.  I need to abandon the need to do it on my own and start doing it with grace and with God.

Second, I will abandon the wants and aim for the needs.  This is something my DD learned as a First Grader last year and as a family, we are not very good at doing this.  I am constantly focused and acting on my wants rather than my needs.  When you get right down to it, needs are pretty darned limited.  But, it is easy to get caught up and forget what those needs really are.  I am going to challenge the wants and focus on needs.

Third, I will abandon the busy.  I have been really aware of how busy I am and how no matter how much I do each day, I am still busy the next.  I have too much to do.  I am going to focus this Spring Break on abandoning some of those to-dos.  I have three interns this semester, but I don’t have systems in place to make it easy for them to do things for me.  So, I end up doing most things myself and they end up learning nothing.  So, I’m going to work on systems for some of the things I do and passing those systems on so I don’t have to do it all myself.  I need to do the same in my home.  I really need to work on delegation, systems that others can use and ending the busy.

Finally, I will abandon lack.  This is a biggy for me.  I have lived a life of lack.  So, I focus on lack and I often sell myself short on financial capabilities.  But, I need to abandon that lack and expand my fortune.  I will embrace being fortunate enough to make and have a “fortune”.  A “fortune” is not necessarily monetary, but simply recognizing and being thankful for all I do have.  If I can do that, I think that I can get my finances under control.  I want to bring more fortune to me and my family, but that means focusing on what God has planned for me instead of what God has not given me.


There you go – my abandon goals!

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  1. These are great goals. I like how they all help with your aim to not abandon hope. I hope you have a good spring break and that you manage to work out ways to ease your load a bit.

  2. These are some good goals. I am especially fond of abandoning busy. I can fill time like no other yet still feel I have squandered it.
    I pray that your focus will be blessed. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Dropping by from FMF (#70)

  3. I particularly loved the “abandoning lack” part! Living in our fortunes–our blessings…all the little graces that God has given and continues to give. This was spot on, sister! Have you ever read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp? if not, you should get it and start reading TODAY and start numbering those graces and blessings asap. Beautiful post. Glad I found you on FMF.

    1. I have not read One Thousand Gifts, but I have read so many great reviews of it. I may even have it on my Kindle right now! (another place I need to abandon lack is books) Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to look for it and get it if I don’t have it!

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