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Five Minute Friday – Enough

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Hello everyone!  If you’re reading this, thanks for hanging around long enough to see my return.  I’ve had a bit of an identity crisis the past month or so, starting another blog and now deciding to come back here.  I think I started the other blog because I thought this one wasn’t successful enough.  But, then I realized that I had done some good things here and instead of running off and starting something new, I needed to INVEST a bit more in this blog instead.  Instead of viewing the grass on the other side as greener, I’ve decided to plant my roots a little deeper here.  So, I’m back.  And hopefully, it is to stay and make this place special.  Fitting that my first post back is a Five Minute Friday because it is one of the few things I’ve been consistent about when blogging.  So, here I go.  Planting my roots…

The first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the word “enough” is “never”.  I just can’t seem to find enough of anything: time and money filtering their way to the top after everything else is considered.  I have so many things I want to do, need to do, have to do, but time and money always seem to be lacking.  But, when I think about it.  Perhaps that is simply a perspective instead of truth, though.

How do we know when we have enough and when we cross over into too much?  Because sometimes, I think the reason I don’t have enough time and money is because I have too much in my life.  After all, they are connected.  I have too many “things” and those things cost money to get and time to maintain.  I have too many “tasks” and those take time, time which might be better spent elsewhere.

So, I’ve been working really hard at prioritizing lately.  I am saying no to tasks that I previously thought were “required” of me.  And you know what?  Those things are still happening.  I am also doing my best to say no to things that I previously thought were “wanted” or “needed” by me, but really, they just take up my time and attention.  Prioritizing is hard though. Saying no to tasks and things is hard.  I think it is because I don’t think I have enough or do enough or am…enough.  But, in reality, I really have too much, I really do too much and it is keeping me from feeling like enough.

Sometimes, a shift in perspective is all we need to realize all we have been given, all we have in our lives and that we know we are enough because of God’s grace and love.  So, I’m trying to make that shift in perspective.  As a daily practice towards that goal, I’m going to keep a “Be Grateful and Let Go” journal.  I’ve kept a gratitude journal in the past.  Keeping track of things you appreciate coming INTO your life is important, but I think what I was missing was also needing to keep track of what I need to LET GO from my life.  The combination of these is important to realizing when we not only have enough but too much.  I want enough.  I don’t want too much.