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The Year of Living the Ultimate Bundle

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If you’re online reading blogs or belong to any email newsletters that have to do with homemaking, parenting, faith, or organizing, you’ve probably seen the advertisements for The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for 2017.  Let me start by saying I am not an affiliate.  I am simply a desperate homemaker, mom, faith-seeker, organizationally challenged reader who was convinced it may be helpful.  This is not the first Ultimate Bundle I’ve bought.  But, I will admit that like many of the things I read, sign up for or even purchase, I didn’t really use it much.  Most of the items are still sitting in my Dropbox somewhere, but I never took the time or effort to really explore all the offerings or read all the ebooks or sign up for all the online courses.  So, this time, I thought about it for a while.  And I decided that this might be just what I need.  As a self-proclaimed self-help dropout, I figure this is as good a test as any to see if I can really make positive, productive changes in my life.  And it could not come at a better time.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2017

First of all, the bundle is CRAZY BIG!  I can’t believe all the stuff that came in it.  They have a printable checklist of resources that is six pages long and covers twelve different areas of life.  It also includes twenty-four online courses! In addition, it seems like all of my favorite bloggers are giving away extra resources when you can prove that you ordered the bundle.

Second of all, I was journaling while sitting in a Panera today waiting for my DD to finish up with her last play “practice” (the play was this past weekend, so it was more of a play playdate than a practice, but she was not going to miss it for the world – she has bought into the drama thing hook, line, and sinker) and I was trying to figure out my priorities in life at this point because I’ve been feeling a little rudderless lately.  And lo and behold, all of my priorities are covered in the twelve different areas of life the bundle is divided into.

Third of all, I’ve been feeling like I need to challenge myself.  I mean, my life is challenging, to be sure.  But, I need to challenge myself to improve myself and make changes.  I’ve been a little too comfortable.  Well, maybe comfortable is not the right word.  I’ve been a little too compromising.  No, that doesn’t quite capture it either.  I’ve been much too accepting.  Yes, that’s it.  I accept things but don’t like them.  I settle.  I give in.  I power through.  I reluctantly agree. I react.  And none of these is doing me any favors in life.  So, maybe this Ultimate Bundle and all the resources that come along with it will give me what I need to make changes.  If I take it as a challenge to read it, really IMPLEMENT the suggestions made in the resources.  Follow through.  Challenge me to do something different and new and maybe even embrace change in myself.

Finally, the timing is perfect.  As my semester comes to a close, I find myself with a lot of regrets from this past year. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things that I’ve enjoyed and think went well, but there are so many other things that I wish would have been better.  And summer is the perfect time for lower stress levels and relaxed schedules that lend themselves to trying new things, accomplishing things that are challenging, and making changes.  So, here we go!  I will plan to do two or three posts a week updating you on my “Ultimate Bundle Challenge”.

I am going to take that journal entry from earlier today and try to prioritize my challenge to focus on the most important stuff first and then move into the other areas as it seems “right”.  So, my top priority in the journal entry was my DD (of course).  I figure that makes “Motherhood” a good category to start with.  And looking through the list of resources, there are many I am excited to read (many from some of my favorite bloggers), but I think I want to start with “Sorta Awesome: Mothering to the Max”.  I love the Sorta Awesome podcast so this seems like a great place to begin my Ultimate Bundle journey.  I also want to do an online course while reading and considering my current state of exhaustion, overwhelm and frenzy, the “Revive 30-Day Challenge” from FishMama (AKA Jessica Fisher) seems like a great place to start.

There are a ton of other resources I’m very interested in as well, but I want to make this a realistic challenge.  So, taking one ebook and one online course at a time seems to be a realistic approach.  I can give myself a year to get through it all (or at least the resources that apply to me) and you will have an idea of what you can get from one of these Ultimate Bundles!  Wish me luck!