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Five Minute Friday – More

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I’m back with another Five Minute Friday.  Usually, I am lamenting another week being gone, but this week, I must say I am happy to see May around the corner.  It means my school year is almost done and summer is almost here. And I. Love. Summer.  Really, truly love it.  But, enough of that – let’s get to the Five Minute Friday part of this post!

This week’s prompt is fitting considering my blog title – “More”.

Here we go:

The title of my blog was originally More at Forty.  I created this blog when I had my 45th birthday and I was feeling like I needed to be more.  I think I had a vision of where I would be when I was in my forties and it was not living in a somewhat dingy rental condo, struggling to make ends meet most months, dealing with a chronically ill child and two chronically ill parents, disappointed I was not more “successful” and trying to figure out who I was.  My reaction to all of this was that I needed to be more of something.  I needed to be more successful.  I needed to be more frugal. I needed to be more thoughtful.  I needed to be more organized.  So much I needed to be more of, it was overwhelming and somewhat disappointing to think that I would probably never going to be more of all those things.

What I’m starting to realize now, as I inch closer to my fifties (okay, really I’m speeding towards them like the bullet train, let’s face facts) is that I don’t really need to be more of so many things.  What I really need is to give myself a break.  I need to realize that I’m okay right where I am.  I am meant to be here.  God has put me right here, right now and there is no place else that I need to be.  When I really start to embrace the place I am in – physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, etc. – I can see this all as opportunities.  I don’t NEED to be more.  I CAN be more.  I have space to grow.  I have an appreciation for little things that others may miss along the way.  I CAN choose to make changes, not so that I can BE more, but so that I can GIVE more or DO more or SEE more or EXPERIENCE more.  I am already who I need to BE.

That’s it.  Five minutes.



3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – More

  1. Oh Girl. You’re saying all. the. words. So encouraging!! Thank you!
    I’m speeding towards 40 myself. I’ve had conversations with my 12 year old daughter that usually come around to the idea that it’s taken me almost 40 years to be thankful for the way God’s made me and the person He’s shaped through all the circumstances of life. I’m trying to help her to embrace her own stuff and realize these things sooner than 40. 🙂 But God’s faithful – whether the person is 12 or 40!

    1. Thank goodness He doesn’t have a deadline on figuring it all out! 40 is soooooo young! 🙂

  2. ” I don’t NEED to be more.  I CAN be more. ” I love that- I think that perspective makes a big difference- seeing the opportunities and potential rather than feeling bad about how things are. So true that God can use us where we are. Visiting from #14.

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