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Ultimate Bundle Challenge Check-in #2 – Stretched Too Thin Pt. 1

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I’m back with another Ultimate Bundle Challenge Check-in!

This time, I’m reviewing my experience with “Stretched Too Thin” an online e-course from Jessica Turner who wrote The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You (which is on my reading list, but ironically, I haven’t had time to read it).  This is a 10-day course that focuses on working moms. Lots and lots of really useful things in this one!  I think I’ll just do another recap of take-aways.

Episode #1 – The first thing that struck me from this episode is I AM NOT ALONE!  I often feel like I am just bad at being a mom, wife and employee while others seem to be doing it all successfully.  But, according to Jessica, “80% of women surveyed said home management is something they struggle with.”  80%!  I am not only not alone, but I’m in the majority!  Why don’t we talk about this more?  Why aren’t we more honest about it?  Or maybe women are but I’m just not talking about it enough with others.  The episodes correspond to a workbook and this week focused on figuring out where I am in life right now in a lot of areas of life and joining the Facebook group.  It was a short five and a half minute video, but the workbook took a bit longer.  But, it was helpful to reflect on some of the things that had come up in my earlier journaling exercise.  Again, nothing new here, but really trying to embrace and enthusiastically work at it this time!

Episode #2 – This episode had me establish three goals for where I’d like to be in 30 days.  So, basically, the end of May.  It was a little hard to think of things because my life is going to change so dramatically in about 21 days, but I thought of things that I WANT to be doing in my life.  So, my three goals are:

  1. Establish a true sabbath (day of rest) each week.  No work, no housework (except for the very minimal), no obligations that are not fun or refreshing.
  2. Read for 1/2 hour – 1 hour each day.
  3. Walk the dogs for 15-30 minutes each day.

The first one will be difficult for me.  I’m horrible at sticking to this kind of thing.  I may be able to do it during the summer though, easing into it during my non-busy months and then sticking to it when Fall rolls around and things get crazy again.  I feel like God has really been hitting me over the head with this one (rest, stepping away from all the demands of the world, taking time to be peaceful, etc. as of late.  It is the theme of our services at Church this month, it has been in multiple blog posts and a podcast this week.  I get it.  I NEED this in my life.

The others are pretty easy.  I just need to discipline myself to follow through with them and not make excuses.  During the hot months I will need to get up early and walk as once it gets hot, there is just no getting out comfortably in it.  So, I will have to rise early (typically we do anyways) and immediately walk the dogs while it is cool(er).  We can do it.  And reading for 1/2 hour to an hour will also be easy.  I just need to set aside the time and set a timer and go.  It will be so nice to just read.

So, that is where I am right now in the e-course.  I’m afraid it may take me slightly longer than 10 days to complete, but I think that is okay.  I’m excited to get some specific action plans going.  Tomorrow I plan to walk the dogs and read for 1/2 hour.  And I’m going to try to take this Sunday as my Sabbath day, with just church and an evening event at church about human rights that I WANT to go to on the schedule.  We’ll see if it works out.  Work right now is crazy, so thinking about not doing anything for work on Sunday makes me a bit nervous, but I’m going to try to be very productive on Friday and Saturday (my big event on campus, but I have time I can work while it is happening) in order to make Sunday a day of rest and recovery.