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Five Minute Friday on Sunday – Shoulds

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Joining in at Five Minute Friday once again this week. A little late, but better than never. This week’s prompt is “should”.

This week’s prompt is “should”.

This blog post should have gone out on Friday.  I started it on Friday.  I got that little, cute graphic done on Friday.  But, then I got distracted by a work project that seemed overwhelming and was stressing me out and I never came back to it.  Until now.  I’m back now, and that should be good enough for me.  But, sometimes I feel like I should have better time management.  I should be more productive.  I should not let work take over my life.  Sometimes, I have to be honest with you, I feel little bit buried in should.  And it isn’t a good feeling.

Today, I read this on the Simple As That blog and it really struck me:

The urgent matters of life are those that demand our immediate response, the things that constantly bid for our attention. While the urgent continually begs for our attention, the important keeps silent. It patiently waits for us to take notice. While the urgent seeks us, the important waits to be sought by us. The important aspects of life take discipline to perform, while the urgent are accomplished on impulse. We live in constant tension between the two.   —Elise Arndt

I plan on doing a longer post on it, but that feeling of urgency, that begging for my attention creates this cacophony of shoulds and it really does drown out the important.  The important is there somewhere, but often times I can’t find it.  I feel a little lost if there is no urgency out there, creating an immediate need that I can act to alleviate.  I think that is why I’m always “behind”.  I am waiting for “it” to reach urgent status.  Important isn’t good enough to act.  Or maybe it isn’t loud enough to get my attention.  So, I sit and wait.  I procrastinate on the important, knowing the urgent will come knocking (screaming?) soon enough and then I will HAVE to act.

I don’t think this is healthy.  And I definitely need to change to focus more on the important.  I need, as the paragraph says, discipline: “The important aspects of life take discipline to perform…”


That’s it.  Five minutes.  It was a deep five minutes though.  Glad I wrote, even if it was two days late.

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday on Sunday – Shoulds

  1. Hey neighbor! I was 2 days late myself. Family, travel, and business, always comes before blogging. Thanks for visiting. I was once that “Should”! Wouldn’t change a thing about it. Balancing our “Should’s” becomes an art along the journey.

  2. YES! You hit the nail on the head! Thank you for being honest and sharing truth. Peace and blessings. Stopping by from FMF!

  3. Late schmate. I’m glad you were responsible and handled your work thing, and I’m glad you allowed yourself to post this as well. We’re too hard on ourselves much of the time. I’m going to have to think about the idea of needing to search for the important. I agree that the urgent is plenty loud, but I wonder about the important and how that speaks to us. Thanks for a post to chew on!

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