Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Visit

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Back again for another Five Minute Friday.  The last over at Heading Home because next week it is getting its own website home!  Exciting changes are afoot.  But, the Friday prompts will still be there and I’m sure many familiar faces will be at the new home as well.  For this week, the prompt is Visit.

Let’s go:

Summer is upon us and that means that there will be people traveling.  I have already received two Facebook messages from people who will be visiting my town for a few days in the summer and are looking to meet up with me.  These visits are always something I agree to and then, as the time draws near, I tend to look for ways out.  It sounds ridiculous when I think about it while writing, but for some reason, I get very anxious about these visits.  Even if it is family or good friends.  I always feel like I am lacking in some respect and it makes me anxious.

But, I’m trying to change that.  When I do follow through with these visits with others, I am always thankful.  I always feel like I gained something in the social exchange.  So, I’m trying to really focus on that aspect instead of the lack.  I am really trying to build community, far and near.  Doing that requires face-to-face visits as well as the virtual visits in between.  I need to start focusing on that community and engaging those relationships when I get the chance.

So, I’m going to message those two individuals back and tell them, “Yes! Let’s get together!”  And as the time draws near for the visit, I’m going to remind myself of the value of these visits.