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Five Minute Friday – Future

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This week on a Sunday, I’m back for another Five Minute Friday (a couple of days late again), but this week, there is a new host!  This is a blog specifically for Five Minute Friday, which is a supportive and beautifully inspirational community.  The new website offers writing tips, courses and the weekly link up for posts.  So, check it out!  This week’s topic is “Future”.

Ready, go!

The future for me is mostly unknown and often a bit scary.  A lot of people say that you should have a five-year plan or a ten-year plan, etc.  Ever since my DD was born eight years ago, this has been the case.  When you have a child with a heart problem, who had a heart transplant, the future is not totally known.  If the glass is half-full, she has a bright, healthy future and will be fine.  If the glass is half-empty, she will inevitably need another transplant at some point, she has a higher risk of getting cancer (two kids who had heart transplants the year she got hers have already had it), she will obviously need expensive health care for the rest of her life no matter what happens.  So, making those five- and ten-year plans is difficult for me.  I try to stay positive.  I try to always focus on the half-full part of the glass.  But, sometimes it is more difficult than others.

I thank God for the gift my daughter was given eight years ago through someone else’s horrible loss.  But, I must admit that in my human condition, it is hard to not have worries and fear about the future.  No matter how hard I try not to.  So, the future for me is a mixed bag that I am constantly fighting to focus on the good and not the bad.

There it is.  It is never too late to add your own Five Minute Friday post (well, until the next Friday).


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