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Five Minute Friday – Expect

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I’m back to participate in this week’s Five Minute Friday link up.  This week’s prompt is “Expect”.  Here goes:

I am beginning another Summer here in Northern California.  Summers always begin with high expectations.  I’m going to be engaged with my daughter, productive in getting work done to prepare for the Fall semester, and purposeful about planning for rest and relaxation.  Day #2 is here and I’m already a little tired.  I love my eight-year-old daughter, but her energy level and mine do not match!  I envision days sitting on the couch reading and watching movies.  She wants to go, go, go.  Being an older mom, I always worry about what she may miss out on because I’m too tired to do those things.  But, what should really be expected of us moms during the summer months?  Especially those of us who work full-time during the rest of the year (and have work things to do during the summer as well)?  This question was answered well (and in a most-appreciate way) by Jennifer Lambert over at Raising Servant Leaders with her post, “How to Have an Easy Summer”.

Our kids are developing skills for the future.  I want my daughter to be independent and appreciative and self-confident.  To get that way in the future, I have to give her opportunities to test out those things now.  I expect that she will have days when she says she is bored and doesn’t know what to do.  But, I also expect she will find something to do, given the opportunity to do so.

I have high expectations of myself as a mom and I want to make sure my daughter doesn’t miss out on anything important to her development.  But, part of that development is having high expectations for her as well.  I expect a lot out of both of us this summer.  But, I also expect to make that as easy on both of us as possible.  Thanks Jennifer Lambert for giving me the permission I needed to do that.

Stop!  Come on over and join us at Five Minute Friday this week!

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Expect

  1. oh my goodness, I’m tired already! But you have some wonderful plans and expectations ahead of you and I know that no matter what it will be a summer that will be wonderful for all of you!

  2. I really appreciate what you’ve said here. I have 2 special needs kids and often I feel burdened by expectations of what I should do with and for them … but as you say, it is totally appropriate to have expectations for them, too. We need to give ourselves some grace in these areas; that can be hard to do, but recognizing that is a huge part of that letting-go. Thanks for sharing — appreciated reading your thoughts here!

    Jeannie (next door to you at #45 in FMF this week)

  3. God bless you as you purpose to find balance this summer. Now I want to read Jennifer’s post as well; you have me intrigued. Visiting you from five Minute Friday. 🙂

  4. Love this post! I am 31 and feel like I can’t keep up with my kids most days. If I could bottle up their energy and sell it, well the rest is history. Have a blessed week!

    #FMF friend

    1. So true. Why can’t we figure out a way to do that? I feel like your visit to my website was a blessing in itself. I’m really focused on getting my blog monetized and professional this summer and your website looks like just what I was looking for as far as encouragement and direction! Thanks for the visit. Looking forward to being on your website and learning from your newsletter!

  5. I feel this way about summer or life in general a lot. I think of all I want to do but before long im exhauasted by all they want to do
    I usually send my kids to their Art desk when im in need of a break. Having an easy summer sounds nice

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