Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday on a Monday – Play Easy

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I’m a little late (okay, a lot late) posting for this week’s Five Minute Friday, but better late than never!  This week’s prompt is “play”.

“Play hard!”  That is the phrase that first came to mind when I read this prompt.  But, this week, I feel more comfortable with “play easy!”  It may be because I am still recovering from a cold and I’m a little exhausted from all the coughing.  It may be that I’m closing in on the halfway point of summer with my 8-year-old and sometimes I feel like play is already hard enough, why demand for it to be done that way?  It may also be that we are in the midst of a third heatwave of the summer – many days of 100+ degrees.  That makes playing outside really hard to face.  But, I also think that it is somewhat related to some of the things I’ve been learning lately.  This line struck me in a reading this morning:

…often the only difference between fun and suffering is the element of choice.

Play is much the same.  Often the only difference between play and work are the elements of choice and enjoyment. Writing, for example.  Writing is usually enjoyable and something I want to do, but when I make it about what I think will “sell,” it loses the enjoyment and I find it difficult to get anything on the page.

So, how do we “play easy?”  Well, I think we constantly check that element of choice.  Is this really what we would choose to be doing or are we doing it because it is what we SHOULD do?  Are we playing to enjoy it or are we playing because we see it as what we SHOULD be doing?


Well, that’s it.  We are heading to a friend’s house to swim in their pool this afternoon.  This is definitely something we are choosing to do (and because we are lucky to have a friend with a pool) and will enjoy!

Check in with yourself this week.  Are you making time for play?  And if you say yes, is that play something you would both choose and enjoy?  If not, do those things!  Enjoy your week!