Five Minute Friday – Seeking Inspiration When Only Perspiration Will Do

I’m a little late joining Five Minute Friday this week, but only one day!  Yesterday, my DH returned from five weeks of being away for work, so it was a little busy.  But, I want to make sure to keep up with the weekly posts.  So, here I am!  This week’s prompt is “Inspire”.

I feel like I seek inspiration every day in every way.  I look online, in books, in magazines, on Facebook.  Always looking for that magic bullet of inspiration that will really get me on track to where I want to be.  But, I think I’m beginning to figure out that sometimes only perspiration will do.  There is no magic bullet of inspiration unless one is willing to put in the hard work and perspiration to act on it.  And that’s what I’ve been lacking.

So, today, as I enter into my fifth day as a 49 year old, I’m going to stop LOOKING for inspiration and start ACTING on it.  Right now, I’m inspired to simplify.  I want to minimize all the things in my life and start focusing on those things and people and projects that matter.  This is difficult for me, as someone who often flits from here to there and back to here only to find myself on to something new.

So, I’m clearing things out and cleaning things up.  I cleaned out my DD’s dresser drawers this morning, getting it ready for back to school.  I need to do the same in my own closet. I want to stop starting things and never finishing them.  I want to do things that matter and I want to do them well.  I want to have clothes I love and I want to take care of myself well.  I want to do things I enjoy and I want the time and space to do so without guilt or struggle.

Proverbs 14:23  In all toil there is profit, but mere talk  tends only to poverty.

Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash


There it is.  Five minutes flies by when you’re writing a blog post!  Looking forward to reading others’ posts this week!

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  1. Wow, I love that verse! Thank you. You sound somewhat like me. Start things and not finish. My inspiration turns to expiration. Faithful in the little things goes further than we often believe. Praying for you to enjoy and relax as you simplify. Visiting fmf #72.

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