Summer Bucket List – Filling it up!

I can’t believe the summer is nearing an end already.  This summer has been a pretty good one.  In a nutshell, between my DD and I, we have:

  • Gone to two movies in the park.
  • Gone to two local baseball games.
  • Gone camping for five days, which allowed us to go to a lake, a waterfall and make s’mores!
  • Swam on the swim team for a month.
  • Been in the play, Seussical.
  • Gone to one Friday Night Concert.
  • Visited my in-laws for four days.
  • Kept the garden alive.
  • Fixed the blinds on my patio door.
  • Moved furniture around in our living room.
  • Bought an Instant Pot.
  • Done VBS for a week.
  • Done an Ice Cream camp for a week.

Wow…that is quite a bit.  And we aren’t done yet!  This week we have a heart clinic appointment on Tuesday and then we’re leaving for a five day family vacation to Oregon on Friday with my MIL and FIL!  I feel like this summer has been a success.  But, now, with only three weeks left until school begins for both my DD and myself, I have a lot to do:

  • Back to school shopping for my DD.  She is finally outgrowing all her toddler clothes (she was still wearing 4t and 5t for part of this past year) and we can get her some proper 3rd grade clothing!
  • Back to school shopping for me.  I don’t typically do much of this, but I would like to get a few new pieces before school begins.
  • Prep my Blackboard and Canvas pages for my classes.  For a few, this will be easy because it is basically just tweaking last semester’s class.  But, I have a new prep (!) that I need to figure out with the help of someone else’s class from last semester.  This always takes longer than I think it should.
  • Travel planning for the Speech and Debate team, as well as some preparation for this year’s debate topic.  I am also training a new Assistant this year, so that will take some preparation as well.  I am really trying to create a better template for new TAs and Assistants, so it will take some time.

I am still at the point where I’m excited in anticipation for Fall semester.  In a couple of weeks, I will most likely hit the point where I am fearful in anticipation for Fall semester as I realize how much I still need to do.  But, we’ll see. Maybe this year will be different.

How are you feeling about your Summer?  How are you feeling about your Fall?  We’ll check in again in a couple of weeks.