Fall 2017 – Semester of Less…and More

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall 2017 for me and my DD.  We each begin in new classes, with new faces (some familiar, but many new) and for me, at least, a new focus.  This summer, I used #summeroffun2017 on my photos and as a reminder of what I wanted this summer to be about.  I think it was helpful.  As I discussed in my Summer Bucket List – Filling it Up post, I really feel like we did a lot and a lot of it was fun.  It helped me to remember what I WANTED to get out of summer instead of just going through the days without thinking about what I wanted.  So, I’ve decided to try it again with #rockinfall2017.

Now, I was very clear on what a #summeroffun would look like.  Lots of enjoyable activities.  Saying yes to getting out instead of staying in.  Plenty of friends involved.  But, figuring out what a #rockinfall looks like is a bit more difficult.  According to Urban Dictionary, in this context, “rockin” means “something that’s really cool”.  So, what would a “really cool” fall look like?  Here are a few things I can think of:

  • it would focus on enjoying my work, not just getting it done.
  • but, work would not only get done, but get done on time or early so I would reduce stress.
  • it would allow me time to do things I enjoy with people I like.
  • it would be well-planned, well-executed and not too exhausting.

That last one kind of sums it all up actually.  I want my Fall to be well-planned so I don’t feel like I’m constantly two or three weeks behind where I should be.  But, more importantly, I want it to be well-executed.  So, as I’m doing things, I feel like I know what the next thing is that’s coming and if I can’t look forward to it, I can at least face it with energy and knowledge.  I want things to not only be planned well, but I want to do them well.

So, now I’m rethinking that hashtag and thinking maybe I need a different one.  #plandobewellfall2017  It is a little long, but it captures everything I want out of this fall.  I want to plan to do well and I want to be well while doing it. Be less stressed, more healthy and happier.  Yes.  This is it.  Tomorrow morning, I start my Fall 2017 with a focus on planning, doing and being well!

In that vein, I guess I should head to bed before it IS tomorrow!  I need to print my DD’s First Day of School sign and then I’m gone to bed!  Hope everyone has a great start to their week, even if it isn’t a brand new semester!

I won’t be viewing the eclipse because I didn’t get glasses in time and there are none left in our area.  But, I hope everyone that does see it live does it safely and it is truly the moving experience they are looking for in life!