Five Minute Friday – Discover

I am back for another Five Minute Friday.  These free writing exercises are really about the only thing I can manage some (most?) weeks.  And the community for them is wonderfully supportive and generous and lovely.  So, what else could I ask for really?  This week’s prompt is “Discover”.

This week has been a pretty mixed bag.  There has been disappointment in finding out a colleague did something that I consider to be unacceptable.  There has been joy in watching my daughter sing in her fourth Soup and Serenade at her school.  There has been anxiety about being so far behind in grading and class prep.  There has been acceptance in finding some effectiveness in my teaching.  There has been frustration as I realize just how much I do around our house and how much it is expected, but not necessarily appreciated.  There has been pride as people told me how good my soup was at the Soup and Serenade (a new recipe for me, made in my Instant Pot).  There has been worry as I listened to my daughter share a tearful story of being called a spoiled brat by someone who is supposed to be her friend.  There has been satisfaction as I shared the investiture and rededication ceremony with the girls and some parents in our troop.  So, what does all this have to do with discover?  Well, discovery is about exposing things that previously went unnoticed.  I feel like a lot of my life goes by unnoticed.  Especially the good stuff.  And I want to start noticing.  I want to discover all of it.  The good, the bad, the joy and sorry.

So, I have been inspired by this Five Minute Friday prompt to start a journal.  A journal that records simply what was that day.  Each day, I will begin with “Today there has been…” and then I will record the different emotions and actions that were felt and taken that day.   Hopefully, this simple daily reporting will help to capture some discovery.  It will unearth the previously buried actions or emotions and allow them out in the bright sunlight.

Here’s to discovering the day-to-day.

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  1. This sounds like a great idea! I think there is definitely a lot we can learn and discover when we take time to reflect on day to day events.

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