Tuesday Truth: Read a book, shine a light

I came across this quotation tonight while perusing Facebook:

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. –Vera Nazarian

And it struck me that perhaps this has been a major part of my problem over the last decade or so.  Not enough good book reading.  So, I’m going to go and read right after writing this.  Typically, I would scroll through email and Facebook and Twitter and then head to bed with the iPad to play Candy Crush.  None of which opens doors to allow in more light.  So, it has been getting a bit dark around here.

Tonight was a pretty good day until 5 p.m. when I was leaving work.  I opened our mailroom door, left my keys in the door while using the scantron machine.  Our department admin noticed and knocked on the door to tell me, but when I tried to get the key out, it would not come out.  I thought I just had a weird angle on it, but after running the rest of my scantrons, I tried every angle imaginable and could not get it out.  I opened the door, closed the door, took the key off the key ring.  Everything.  So, I called over to campus police to tell them.  After a short wait, an officer showed up, turned the key slightly and…pulled it right out.  I was totally embarrassed.  I seriously felt like an idiot.

After that, I dumped all of said scantrons when my bag ran into a sidewalk crack and fell over.  On into the evening, I jammed my finger in our car door, had to clean up jello from the floor that the dogs had got out of the bag of donations for Thanksgiving.

I haven’t done any cleaning since the weekend and the house is quickly falling into disrepair after being quite blissfully clean on Sunday.

Today, we had a shooting incident that took the lives of five people (shooter included).  There were children targeted.  It was a person with a history of violence, but not enough to get him off the street.  The sickness and violence and suffering in our world just makes me sad.  So, yes, I need to what I can to open those doors and let the light shine in.  And reading seems like a decent way of doing it right now.

So, I’m off.  I will return.  But, for tonight, may you read good books and may the light shine in.