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Hoping for A Hallmark Holiday

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I am currently watching holiday movies on the Hallmark Channel (or Hallmark Movies and Mysteries).  And I’m hoping for a Hallmark Holiday.  It would be formulaic but in a good way.  It always starts out a little rough, but it always ends up in the best possible way.  Right now is my rough spot.  I have strep throat, I’m behind in my grading and I have a big event this Saturday and a travel weekend next weekend and final exams the following week.  Sigh…

So, I have 27 days until Christmas and I need to turn things around!  In the Hallmark movies, there is always some lesson that needs to be learned.  So, what is mine?  There are probably a few:

  • Stop trying to be all things to all people and focus on what and who really matters to you.
  • Get off your computer and spend time being with others completely.
  • Get into the holiday spirit!  Get those decorations up, continue watching Hallmark Countdown to Christmas and get the gifts wrapped that you have bought.
  • Watch for those signs telling you what/who you should be spending time with during the holidays (because there always signs in the Hallmark movies).

I figure the first thing I have to do is get caught up in grading.  I will then be able to stay off my computer and spend time with others.  So, that is goal #1.

After that, I will decorate the house.  I can’t believe that Friday is December 1.  My plan is to decorate while my DD is at school so she can come home to a holiday-filled house (and our new Kurt Adler Wooden Snowman with Tree Advent Calendar that arrives on Friday and her Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition (blue-eyed girl scout elf)).  I can clear a space out for the tree while decorating so we can get one as soon as my DH returns from his trip to Florida next week.  Holiday Spirit done!

The signs are a little more difficult.  I am going to start keeping a gratitude journal that I got in my Erin Condren seasonal surprise box.  I was going to start in January, but I think I will make that an Advent thing for myself and I will try to record anything that happens out of the ordinary.  I feel strongly that I am in a receiving place right now.  I have been trying to hard to be all things to all people to quiet down and listen, but now I am ready to relax, quiet myself and listen.  God is speaking to me in so many ways every day, but I think sometimes he purposefully speaks pretty softly to encourage us to quiet ourselves and the world around us in order to hear.  That is where I feel I am now.

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