Five Minute Friday – Only is Enough

Back again for another Five Minute Friday.  It seems that is about the maximum amount of time I can find each week to actually write on this blog right now.  Sigh…but, at least I have Five Minute Friday.  This week’s prompt is only.

Here we go…

Yesterday, I came to a realization.  I mean, I have had this in the back of my head for a while, but I think I tend to consider it and then forget about it.  What is this realization?  Here it is, in all its great glory:

I can ONLY be and do so much.

Well, duh.  See what I mean?  This is something most people realize and understand relatively early on in life.  But, as the title of this blog so vividly demonstrates (and now perhaps I’m stuck with), I have always wanted to be and do MORE not ONLY.  But, that has driven me to this point in my life.  The point where I am exhausted.  Where I have created relationships of co-dependence where I do and do and do for people and they come to depend on my doing instead of their own doing.

This world is hard.  It creates this desire in us to be all things to all people.  To do all. the. things.  Some call it FOMO.  And I have it in spades.  But, this past week, I’ve realized that the world is heading in a scary direction where this idea of finding the people to do some things for you so you can do all. the. best. things. means that you end up missing out on a lot of meaningful (but maybe more difficult) things.  It also has created this world where everything is equally important and priorities are driven by what comes first rather than what is most important.

I have been obsessed with reading more, doing more, making changes so I can be better at my job, at parenting, at managing my home.  The list goes on and on.  And on.  I have finally reached the point where I feel completely worn out.  I have nothing more to give.

But, ONLY is enough.

I need to remember that I am enough.  Without being more, without doing more, without being better.  Just me.  Only me.

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  1. This is important to remember! I can easily get drawn into wanting to do it all, but it is easier when we accept our limitations. Visiting from FMF #14.

  2. It’s so hard though isn’t it, there is so much more I want to do but time and energy have their limits. I often find myself frustrated and stressed because of my unreal self expectations. This post today has given me a great reminder to remember that I can only do what I can but also I am only enough xx

    Visiting for #fmfparty

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