Taking Stock: January 2018

I am Taking Stock with Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes!  Week one of 2018 is already gone and done amazingly.

Making :  messes.  Lots and lots of messes.  Also slime!
Cooking :  not a lot really.  New year and Jason has been gone, so only two of us.
Drinking :  iced tea, iced lattes
Reading:  A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn
Next read:  Origin by Dan Brown
Wanting:  New floors
Looking:  for furniture for our living room.  New to us couches
Playing:  Candy Crush and Pocket Animal Crossing
Deciding:  whether to move or stay in our current place
Wishing: my house was clean enough to have a maid

Enjoying:  Hallmark Movies and Mysteries regular programming again – especially Murder She Wrote
Waiting:  for my inheritance so I can feel somewhat financially secure
Liking:  my new Himalayan Salt Lamp with massage balls – weird, but awesome
Wondering:  if I should apply for another job
Loving:  Twitter conversations during Hallmark Movies
Pondering:  being 50 and a parent of an 8 year old
Considering:  wearing a uniform this year
Buying:  tunic sweaters for my uniform this year
Watching:  Hallmark Movies and Mysteries – continuously
Next watch:  Same…for a while
Hoping:  I can stay on top of my schedule better this year
Marvelling: at how much energy and 8 yo can have
Cringing:  at the things our President says on Twitter
Needing:  less in my life
Questioning:  how much I own and how to get rid of it
Smelling:  essential oil – Doterra Arborvitae
Wearing:  Tunic sweaters and jeans or leggings
Following:  lots of Girl Scout Facebook pages to try to plan for meetings
Noticing:  how unorganized I am in life usually
Knowing:  I can do better
Thinking:  I am too old for this
Admiring: how much my students do every week in addition to going to school
Sorting:  clothes, Christmas presents and toys
Getting:  busy already in the new year
Bookmarking:  recipes – trying to cook at home more this year
Coveting:  a clean house
Disliking:  how much work my animals are
Opening:  Girl Scout candy
Giggling:  over Psych.  Love that show – so punny
Feeling:  a little hopeful and a little overwhelmed
Snacking:  Girl Scout candy and dried mango
Hearing:  podcasts.  Lots of them.

Thanks for the inspiration Pip!  What about you?  Take Stock and leave me a comment!

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