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Tag: homemaking

Ultimate Bundle Challenge Check-in #2 – Stretched Too Thin Pt. 1

I’m back with another Ultimate Bundle Challenge Check-in! This time, I’m reviewing my experience with “Stretched Too Thin” an online e-course from Jessica Turner who wrote The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You (which is on my reading list, but ironically, I haven’t had time to read it).  This is a…

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Ultimate Bundle Challenge Check-in Number One – Momming Through Tough Times

Well, here I am to check in on how my Ultimate Bundle Challenge is going.  This being my first check-in, I am obviously still feeling pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing.  To bring you up to speed, I chose one ebook (actually turned out to be a podcast instead, but…

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Fridge and Freezer Frustrations – Uncluttering in the Kitchen

I am joining in on the 2017 Unclutter Your Nest challenge at Nourish and Nestle.  I have uncluttered a lot of my kitchen cabinets already.  I got rid of dishes, coffee cups, glasses, expired food, and some pans.  I still sometimes have some issues finding places to put things, but for…

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