Travelin’ Tuesday #1 – Along the Oregon Trail…


We are closing in on the end of summer here on the West Coast and with that comes our end-of-summer trip.  This will be our second such trip with my in-laws and I’m excited to see it turning into a tradition of sorts!  Last year we spent the week in a cabin at a near-by lake and it was nice, but got at least a little dull at points during the week.  This year, we are going to repeat some or most of the trip that we did as a family at the beginning of the summer.  We’re going to Oregon!

When we went at the beginning of summer, we had a great time.  We did so much!  We are going to do some of my daughter’s favorites again – the Dinosaur Gardens, the Oregon Coast Aquarium and maybe Seal Cove.  We are also going to try to visit some family and friends up in that area.  I am looking forward to it, but we have a lot of planning to do.  Figuring out how far we want to drive each day, getting hotel reservations, figuring out when we will be in what areas to let friends and family know.  I’m sure we will want to visit some of the breweries we visited before as well.

Whenever I’m planning a trip, I like to try to plot out as much about the trip as possible.  I am happy to make changes during the trip if we see fit, but I like to have a plan to start at least.  What is your trip planning process?  Do you like to wing it or are you a Type-A traveler who likes to have a strict itinerary that is closely followed?

More on the trip in coming Travelin’ Tuesday posts!

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