Munch n Move Monday #2 – Getting off cruise control

Juniper Lake CAWell, my last week of “simple” changes was not so simple.  I think I’ve done a little bit better eating regularly (close to the times I designated, although I often found myself after the time having to go out of my way to eat something to stay on the schedule), but it has not been easy and I’ve definitely failed at getting a few of the meals during the time or just getting a “full” meal in (sometimes it is a piece of toast for breakfast).

This past week has reinforced for me how conscious I have to be about making these changes in my life.  Even though the changes seem small and simple and easy to do, they are not without thinking about them.  A lot.  I think I have failed at making a lot of changes in the past because I have not recognized the level of conscious effort that I need to make in order to have these changes actual happen for the long term.

I have noticed that much of my life is spent on what I will call “cruise control”.  I just travel through life, doing what needs to be done only when it absolutely needs to be done.  There are certain things that happen most every day – making coffee, giving my daughter her meds, watching a little TV, playing Candy Crush before bed.  But, there are many things that just don’t happen unless I consciously work to make them happen.  Going to work is natural, going to work with everything I need for that day takes a conscious effort on my part.  Taking my daughter to preschool is natural, taking her with everything she needs for that day takes a conscious effort on my part.  Eating is a natural part of the day, but eating something when I should and making it something that is healthy and tasty takes really conscious effort on my part.

So, that is my “aha” moment for the week as far as health and fitness is concerned.  None of it is going to happen without me really working at it, thinking about it and setting myself up to succeed instead of fail.  I need to get off the cruise control and start off-roading it a bit in my life.  Because the road I’m on is not the one I want to stay on and the alternative is going to take some mapping it out, following directions and changing speeds and taking curves as needed.  Cruise control makes all that difficult.  So, I’m on the road (I have a map for scheduled eating at least), but I’m going to have to do some travel adjustments in the coming months.

What about you?  Are you on a good road, with only small curves and no traffic, so cruise control is good for you?  Or are you like me, needing to get off the road your on and take a more unknown, curvy road with some conscious driving involved?  I like cruise control, but I refuse to stay on a bad road just to be able to leave it on…

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