Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #1

thumbs-upI must admit that this weekend did not offer a ton of “thumbs up” type experiences.  But, since this is the first, I thought I would go more general anyways.  These Thursday posts are designed to be a kind of positive place – recognizing the good things that happen, things I love, etc.

To begin, I will say that after being away for five days, I give a thumbs up to being home!  My home is nothing special.  It is not large.  It is not well decorated.  Hell, when I got home, it wasn’t even really very clean (working on that today).  But, it is my home and I love it.  I am comfortable here.  I have my spot on the couch.  I have my coffee maker and flavored coffee (some of my favorite that my MIL got this weekend for me).  My high speed internet connection.  My Roku with all my murder mysteries I like to watch (including Midsomer Murders and Murder She Wrote – guilty and ridiculous pleasure).  My own bed.  And my daughter has access to all the toys that entertain her.

Another big thumbs up to phone insurance!  I lost/had my phone stolen this weekend (unsure which exactly), but thankfully I had phone insurance.  And although the deductible was $125, my phone would have been over $400 to replace, so well worth it.  And it was here when I arrived back from my trip ready to go.  So thankful for that.

Another thumbs up to my sister.  My sister is awesome.  She has had to deal with my parents’ caregiving for the last couple of years because she is the closest child who actually does anything for my parents.  I try to do as much as I can, but I live almost three hours away, so it is difficult.  She not only takes care of all their medical care (my mom has cancer and has been going through chemo for the last year, my dad is in late stage dementia and is now in hospice), but she also does so much for me and my family as well.  We are in the process of buying a new car (my husband commutes over three hours to work once a week, so having reliable transportation with good mileage is a must) and she has offered to help us get a better loan if the auto financing comes through with high interest due to our upside down mortgage and other financial missteps.  I am hoping they can get us something decent without involving her, but it is great of her to offer.  We just finished paying off a car not that long ago, so I’m hoping that helps.

Finally, a thumbs up to cooler summer days.  We are usually in the high 90s, low 100s for most of the summer, but it is looking like this week it will be high 80s and low 90s for us.  And that, my friends is definitely something deserving of a thumbs up.

Oh yeah, and thumbs up to my husband coming home after working away from home for the past seven weeks.  I am so ready to have another adult in the house on a regular basis!  We pick him up at the airport tomorrow afternoon!

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