Social Saturdays #1 – Roller Derby

2013-08-10 19.28.41Tonight’s Social Saturday post has me experiencing something new – Roller Derby!  I have known about our local Roller Derby for a while now, but have not got around to going.  My mother’s club had this as a social, but only me and one other mother ended up going.  Luckily it was a mother who used to be in a playgroup with me and we know each other pretty well.  So, it worked out.

Roller Derby is a pretty strange sport, but I loved the local, small town flavor of the event.  People brought their own chairs to avoid the uncomfortable bleachers (where we sat – and it was painful after a while), some brought home made signs cheering on the skaters, there was an over-21 area where beer was sold by a local bar, but the rest of the place was free of alcohol and full of families.  Even though the local team got blown out (I mean, seriously blown out – It was something like 234 – 79 when we left with about 5 minutes left in the…what do you call it, game?), the whole experience was fun.  I definitely would like to go back and do it again.  They have another in September and I may try to get a group of people together to go.

In addition to tonight’s Derby, I also got my hair cut (pictures to come someday soon – I tried to take a selfie tonight, but the lighting in here is horrible) – much shorter and I really love it – and attended a classmate of my daughter’s birthday party at the park.  That was social as a few of the parents from preschool were there and I was able to chat with them a bit while watching our crazy kids play.  Overall, today was a good day.  I felt like I accomplished many things – I was able to throw chicken and salsa verde in the crockpot so my husband could eat nachos tonight while I was gone, get my hair cut, shop for a birthday gift (I have a new go-to gift for kids that makes it simple – colored pencils in a cute little decorative box that reminds me of Peter Rabbit, a package of stickers and a notebook or sketch pad, all bought at our locally owned bookstore downtown), shop for salad fixings (the party was a potluck), make a pretty decent looking salad (another go-to I now have – spinach, strawberries, blueberries, avocado and pre-sliced chicken with Raspberry Vinaigrette or Poppyseed dressing on the side), go to the party and stay until the bitter end, rush home, drop off a dirty, dusty, but happy child, and go out to the Roller Derby!  Makes me feel like an active participant in life!

Tomorrow I leave to go to my in-laws for five days.  I have a dog/house sitter scheduled.  I have quite a bit of laundry to fold/finish doing before we leave, but the kitchen and dining room are clean, the dishes are clean in the dishwasher, most of the laundry is washed and dried, just not folded.  I still have to pack, but that shouldn’t be too bad…I hope.  We plan to do a couple of days on the coast by Santa Barbara and then a couple of days back in Bakersfield with my in-laws (but I plan to get a hotel room so we can have a bed big enough for us all and a swimming pool available for my daughter whenever she wants to swim – it will be her last swimming hurrah of the summer so-to-speak, so I want to give her some time for that).  Then we come back home and I kick off my Fall semester of teaching with a coach’s conference for our regional speech and debate association on Saturday (while my husband takes my daughter to another four-year old birthday party for twins in her preschool class – that should be interesting) and my husband leaves yet again on Sunday to go to the Bay Area to leave on a working retreat to Lake Tahoe on Monday (jealous of the Lake Tahoe thing…not going to lie).  I have many, many meetings that week, but my daughter is back in preschool so it should be a little easier to manage.  But, I also need to get our car-buying done that week (which is a nightmare for me so far…I hate the whole process) so we can start fall with a new car for my husband to commute to work.  I also need to figure out whether I can really get our truck registered (it won’t pass smog, but I’m going to try to use our waiver program to get it registered for one more year – and we can either piecemeal repair it over that time, since it runs great, or buy another car next year to replace it).  So, so, so much to do and so, so, so little time to do it.  Sigh…

Wow – that Social Saturday really got off track there at the end…but, it feels good to write everything down that is coming up in my life.  Hopefully I can figure out a way to make it all work and work well – just like today.


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