Munch n Move #3 – Making Better Choices

question markWe are constantly making choices in our lives.  And as I discussed in my Munch n Move #2 post, sometimes those choices are not really consciously made, but instead are on a sort of autopilot.  So, this week, I’ve tried to focus on making some better choices in the interest of my health.  Yesterday was not a great example of that.  We were traveling from our house to my parent’s house then on to my in-laws house, which altogether takes about seven hours of driving.  My dad is in hospice, so we were just stopping by to see my mom and see him as we’ve been told it may be as little as a few days, but more likely a couple of weeks before he passes.  I was starving when I got to my parent’s but my mom’s stomach wasn’t feeling good and I didn’t want her making something just for us, so we put off eating.  By the time we left, we were all in major starvation mode, so we tried for a Quizno’s but when we missed the turn we ended up at Burger King instead.  That was one choice – BK over going back to the Quizno’s that was less than a block away.

Then, we had to order.  And somehow, I always get overwhelmed with the menus and always end up ordering something that is horrible.  So, sure enough, under pressure I ordered their new Carolina BBQ Whopper as a combo.  That’s right – if you visit that page and choose the nutrition link, you will see that my hamburger alone had 42g of fat.  FORTY-TWO!!!  I didn’t eat but a few french fries, and luckily I drink unsweetened iced tea, but that is enough fat for almost a week.  I felt like hell the rest of the four and a half hour drive.  It actually depressed me.  So, that choice was bad.  I’m sure there are plenty of better things to eat at BK – for example, these choices of items under 650 calories.  Next, we picked up Mexican food on the way into town.  I did make the choice to get less food (only a single taco combo instead of taco and enchilada), but I should have got a salad.  And I ended up eating my mother-in-law’s taco as well because she had a toothache and didn’t want it.  So, yesterday was bad choices all around.

Today, I’ve been better.  I went out to breakfast and I picked a scramble off their “fit fare” portion of the menu and it was delicious and I didn’t feel totally gross after breakfast.  It came with one piece of toast and a bowl of fruit, which was perfect.  Since then, though, I have skipped lunch and now am once again starving.  We probably won’t eat until late (after we’ve gone through the “what do you want to eat?” rounds at least 50 times) and I probably will overeat due to that.  I did have some chips (not good choice) and carrot sticks (good choice), so I haven’t been totally food free, but I definitely could have done better.  But, I do feel like I’ve been a bit more aware of my choices and their impact on me.  So, maybe from here I can continue to improve.  At least I hope so.

What do you do to stay aware of your choices and how do you make better choices once you have that awareness?