Simplicity Sunday

Simplicity Sunday #3 – Simply Blogging


Well, I had three drafts in my folder for this week’s blogging and never got any of them posted.  I had some technical issues where pictures and text were not showing up as I typed/placed them in the posts (but were there when I would go to preview – not sure what is happening – I am now using the smaller “New Post” choice and it is working fine).  So, I spent what seemed like forever trying to figure out what was wrong (instead of just using this different screen like I am now) and never got anything posted for the week.  It was also a week away, which means I have to use my cell phone for wi-fi, which slows my online productivity down as well.  And, we were also spending time with family, with a couple of days at the beach, so my blogging time was restricted.  

So, here it is. Simple. Posted.