Munch n Move Monday #4 – Eating “clean”

Berry Goodness

I’m not going to lie. I like processed foods. I like the ease, the quickness and the lack of clean up required. But, I realize that the way I’m eating is doing my body (and probably my brain) damage. So, I’ve made a concerted effort to try to eat “cleaner” as of late. I bought berries and I cleaned, dried and chopped them. I have a number of veggies for snacks. And, I’ve bought stuff to make salads in a jar.  I am hoping that by taking this preemptive action of planning for meals that are made from something other than a can or box, I will actually end up eating more of those foods.  But, we shall see.  My hope is to not waste a bunch of food by throwing it out at the end of the week, but instead eating through my food during the week.

Next week I start back to teaching and getting organized and having a plan for eating is going to be important to my being able to make healthy choices.

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