Simplicity Sunday

Simplicity Sunday #4 – Simply Routine

daily-routinesI need one of these.  No, not the word cloud…a daily routine!  I did Flylady quite a few years ago and it worked really well for me.  But, since I’ve had my daughter, every time I have tried to get back on the Flywagon I have failed.  A big part of it has been that I’ve been a bit stubborn about actually following the basics (e.g. making the bed first thing every day, getting dressed to the shoes and showering and doing my hair first thing in the morning, wearing tie-up shoes).  I keep thinking that I will do it the next day, but I never do.

So, I’ve decided to jump on it again.  I have the Journal set up and ready to go.  I am working this weekend to get things picked up in some basic ways (using something similar to the crisis clean – although I’m doing a lot of other things this weekend than just cleaning) so I can start with a semi-clean slate.

Some people hate the Flylady system and I am certainly “resistant” to many of her guiding principles, but I find the guidance to be real, aimed at real people, real people with real problems cleaning.  And, that, my friends and readers, is me.  I love a clean house, but I hate what it takes to keep it that way.  I want to be a person who naturally puts everything back in its place and sweeps and mops each evening, but that just isn’t me or my family.  We are a mess.  We all have the horrible habit of leaving things out where we use them and then moving them around from flat surface to flat surface with no rhyme nor reason.  So, we end up with piles that are made up of totally unrelated material.  We are also all guilty of having way too much stuff of one kind or another.  My husband has many, many clothes that he does not wear, but wants to keep just in case.  He also has a lot of outdoor equipment – fishing, etc. that he maybe uses twice a year.  We both have a set of golf clubs – I have never been golfing.  He has not golfed in well over a year and before that, probably close to another year.  We are also poor planners.  As Flylady says, we are often living in CHAOS – “Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome”.  Although, my husband still invites people over and I just feel inadequate because my house is a mess and/or my carpets are filthy and/or my floors need swept and mopped, etc.  But, in addition to that, I also spend a ton of time looking for things I know I have but can’t locate – like my car keys or bills that need to be paid or shoes that I want to wear.  My life just feels in constant chaos even when I’m not having anyone over.  So, that is why I need to get back to using the Flylady system.  I did feel like I had much more control over my life when I was faithful about following her principles.

We shall see if this time is the charm (way more than three).