To-Do Tuesday #2 – Catch up!


That turtle is clocking speeds much higher than I seem to be in getting things done.  I feel like for every one step forward, I’m going about 20 more backwards.  Some things are going well this semester.  I like my classes.  I feel better about my teaching.  But, I am behind in grading (a lot) and I’m struggling to keep up with the myriads of paperwork I have to do for my administrator position with the Speech and Debate team.  And, my house, well let’s just not talk about that.  What a disaster.  Finances…also not great.  If I can ever get everything caught up in my life – my work, my home, my finances, my personal wants/needs – wow, that would be crazy!  I don’t know even know what that would be like.  I hope to reach that some day, but I’m not holding my breath.

So, this week, my to-dos are many.  For work, it will mostly focus on getting caught up in grading and paperwork for travel.  I need to make some reservations for travel – hotels and rental cars – as well.  And October and November are multiple weekends of travel in a row, so there is a lot of that to do.  At home, I have so many things to do.  But, I would like to focus on getting laundry caught up, since we now have a working dryer again.  And, just decluttering a bunch of areas where stuff has piled up during this first six weeks of school.  Stuff in the entry way, on the dining room table, on the living room tables, etc.

I do have a blog thing going on this month.  I’ve decided to participate in The Nester’s #31 Days project!  My button didn’t come up so well on the linky (sad face), but here it is:


It is my first attempt at making a button and I kind of like it.  My theme for the #31days is, as the button says, “Coming up for Air.”  My focus will be giving ourselves a break, digging ourselves out of the holes we may have fallen into, and really taking some deep, cleansing breaths.

So, there you have it!  My Tuesday To-Dos…


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