Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Ordinary


Today’s Five Minute Friday topic is “ordinary” – so, here goes:

Ordinary is not often a word that is something someone strives for.  When a meal is described as “ordinary” it often is a bit of an insult.  But, after the last four and a half years of my life, ordinary is something I have often wanted more of in my life.  I wanted an ordinary pregnancy, not one that ended 7 1/2 weeks early with a helicopter flight.  I wanted an ordinary child-rearing experience, not one that had my daughter in the hospital at six weeks of age and getting a heart transplant at 4 months of age.  I often want an ordinary schedule that allows us weekends at home to do organized activities and attend birthday parties.  I also would like to have an ordinary home life, where people eat dinner together and do family activities together rather than having a husband who is often on the road for two or three nights a week and a job that requires me to teach during the dinner hour at least one or two nights a week.

But, when I think about all that, I also realize the benefits of the life that we do have.  We have a daughter whose health we appreciate more than most.  We have jobs that allowed us the flexibility we needed when she was sick.  We have times during the year when we get to have multiple weeks off from work (winter break, summer break, etc.).  I also have been able to travel with my daughter for work and that has been fun, watching her enjoy hotel stays and being surrounded by college students and meeting new people.  So, over all, although our lives are not “ordinary,” they are pretty darned good in many, many ways.

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Ordinary”

  1. Awe. That was so well said. I like how you brought your life all together. I, too, strive for ordinary, because of some not-so-ordinary life events. I am very blessed to live a very ordinary life with a very ordinary man with a wonderfully ordinary daughter. It is truly an extraordinarily type of ordinary my Lord has created for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!~Cassandra, Your FMF neighbor


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