To-Do Tuesday #3 – Recovery

StressMy to-do list is sooooo long, I don’t even really know where to start.  So, I’m just going to provide a brief highlight of the top things:


–Dentist appointment.  I have had a temporary crown for weeks that needs replaced and I have a cleaning.  Rescheduled from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning now.

–Clean, clean, clean.  I feel like that could go on for lines and lines and lines.  It is a never-ending thing this cleaning.  I clean something and while I’m cleaning it, someone else is making something dirty.  It is frustrating, but it is life.

–Go through and organize the bills and payments for next month.  I need to call and reschedule some payments to correspond with when we have checks coming in instead of having to figure out how to pay a bunch of stuff before we have the income to do that.  I think it will help a lot if I can figure that out on paper and call and change the payments to fit that.

–Mail everything out that I have been meaning to mail out for a couple of weeks.  I have a gift for my friends’ new baby, a bunch of DVDs I sold through Amazon (and did not make much money off of, but at least they are out of my house), a letter that has to be received by Friday (need to send that express mail possibly), and I’m sure there is some other random stuff that needs to be mailed…geez…


–Grade, grade, grade.  In much the same as the cleaning, I feel like the grading is never-ending.  I grade something and while I’m grading it, someone else is turning in something that needs to be graded.  It is frustrating, but it is teaching.

–Planning for upcoming tournaments.  I’m actually pretty on top of this, but I need to reserve some rental cars for both of the upcoming trips and do the risk forms for one of them.

–Get my TB test proof and order my transcripts for HR at my new job.  I lost (or accidentally threw away my first TB results, so I called for new one and never picked it up).  These have both been on my list for a while and I have not done them. Neither one is difficult or time consuming so I am unsure why.

–Submit request for special funding for the two national tournaments we have qualified people to attend (or are very close to qualifying people).

–Get book for the campus book club I joined that meets for the first time next Friday.  It is a diversity book group for women and I’m really excited about it.


–Take my daughter to the library and return all the books and DVDs.

–Take my daughter to the Chico Creek Nature Center.

–Go and pick up my mom and take her up to my sister’s on Saturday to hang out and get out of the house.  Then my sister can take her home.

–Church on Sunday – we haven’t been able to go in a while.