Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #5 – New Fall Coffee

chocolate chai tea latte
My new fall love….

Starbucks has been a mainstay for me in the coffee wars for years now.  I also will visit Peet’s and Dutch Bros., but I am a Starbucks gold card carrier and proud of it.  I have tried many of their drinks, moving from Vanilla Lattes to Mistos to just plain Lattes to Iced Teas and back and forth depending on my mood.  I have grown to dislike too-sweet drinks, so when I do any flavoring it is with half the syrup, but I do love when Fall comes around and I can get the Pumpkin Spice Latte or the Peppermint Mocha on those crisp fall mornings or to help me plow through some grading on a cold winter night.  But, I’m afraid that I may have to leave those behind this fall for their new selection, the Chocolate Chai Tea Latte.  I received a coupon for half off in my email (courtesy of the Gold Card membership) and thought I would give it a shot.  And am I glad I did.

Notice that nowhere in my list of drinks that I have tried at Starbucks did Chai Tea Latte appear.  I’m not sure why I have avoided this drink, especially considering my love of Black Tea and the Latte.  But, I remember trying it at a farmer’s market once (not Starbucks) and it tasted kind of like dirt to me, so I passed.  It may have been made with soy milk, which also makes my regular Lattes taste like dirt, but all this time, I have equated that dirt taste with Chai Tea instead.  Silly, silly me.  I ordered the drink with half the chocolate since I don’t like things to be too sweet and it was perfect.  It reminds me of a Mexican Hot Chocolate, which I also love.  Spicy, sweet, smooth and satisfying!  And it has the caffeinated punch that I need!

So, I think this will be my new go-to drink for the Fall.  And I think I may be reverting to Chai Tea Lattes when the fall season ends and we revert back to the “normal” list of drinks available.  But, if you’re looking for a new fall treat and you like your coffee with a lot of flavor, but not necessarily a lot of sweet, this drink may be for you!  Check it out the next time you’re visiting a Starbucks!