Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Together


This week’s prompt for the Five Minute Friday is “Together” – so, here goes…

Together is something I need more of nowadays.  My family is not that.  My husband has been traveling the majority of weekends since September and in addition, he travels for work during the week, so he’s often gone for a few days a week in addition to the weekends.  It is something we can work around, but it something I’m tired of working around.  I look at other families and see them eating together each night, doing family things together during the weekends, enjoying each other’s company often.  We rarely do those things.

When my husband is home, we often eat in the living room because the dining room table is covered with arts and crafts projects and the detritus that collects during the week when I don’t have time to pick up.   Or, we eat apart because I’m teaching (Monday nights) or my husband is still driving home from his job away (Thursday nights).  Or, we eat out because I haven’t planned a meal and there is nothing that either of us feel like fixing.  It is horrible.  It is horrible for us emotionally and physically.

We miss out on many family events because of our travel for work.  Even when we are all together to do them, we are often not really “together” for it because one of us is needing to rush off to another responsibility or so exhausted we can’t enjoy it or it is something that my husband just doesn’t really enjoy much.  I feel like I’m missing out or ruining my daughter’s childhood.  But, I also feel like I can’t get a grip on life enough to make it work.  Which really, really bothers me.

So, in some way, I need to GET IT together.  I need to feel more PUT together.  And finally, we need to BE together.

So says me…