Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday (6WS) – Unplanned

Unplanned day at home means relief.

I had a plan to travel four hours to a recruiting event today.  Then, yesterday happened.  Mid-morning yesterday the shooting at LAX meant my husband’s plans suddenly changed.  He was due to fly out to LAX at Noon, but obviously had to change his plans.  When he called to make the change, they suggested he wait to fly out until today to insure that he would be able to get into LAX as planned (this was early in the reporting and things were a bit vague).  He jumped at the chance to postpone his trip, the shooting being more than a bit unnerving (what if he had flown in earlier and was there?  what if he knew people who were there at the time (he was flying in for a large national competition, as were many others)?  what if…).  So, he stayed home yesterday and flew out this morning at 6 a.m. (which meant a 5 a.m. drive to our local airport – luckily only 10 minutes away, but my four year old decided going back to sleep was not in the cards for us).

About the same time as all that was happening with his trip, we realized that we had forgotten to order my daughter’s anti-rejection and blood pressure medicine earlier in the week (we use a mail order pharmacy because the compounding of these medicines is not done locally) and we were very nearly out of her anti-rejection medication (one of the two meds she should never be without and takes every 12 hours).  Luckily, our mail order pharmacy is awesome and could ship it overnight to us, but it meant I had to be home to sign for it (because someone stole a box of it off of our porch a few months ago…little did they know the pharmaceuticals they were getting were less than useful to anyone but a transplant patient – and a pediatric one at that…but the bottle costs about $235, so it was a significant loss).  That meant I had to cancel my recruiting trip for today, where I was going to drive two hours, drop off my daughter to stay with my sister, drive another two hours to the recruiting event, spend a couple of hours there, drive an hour back to my parents’ and take my mom to an early dinner, drive another hour back to my sister’s and pick up my daughter then drive another two hours home…just typing all of that exhausted me.

So, instead, I am sitting here, typing this blog, doing some grading, watching Busytown Mysteries with my daughter while eating snacks from muffin tins:


and I must admit that I am relieved.  I had an event for work yesterday that I spent around eight hours working and tomorrow I have a celebration of life for a colleague’s sister that is about an hour away.  I am still very much behind in grading and housecleaning and just being a responsible person.  So, although I am disappointed to not have gone to the recruiting event today, I will have a similar opportunity in December and today is a welcome gift to my sanity and peace.

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