Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday – Life is Messy

Life is a mess 1



Life is a mess2


So, yeah…that’s my living room from tonight when I arrived home from work.  It seems like this happens everyday.  I clean it up, get it all looking somewhat presentable (not clean by any means…do you see how many stains are on the carpet?  that isn’t coming out…) and by the end of the day, it once again looks like a tornado hit.  It. is. exhausting.

Some of the mess is mine, but so much of it is my 4 year old’s.  And I know that I should make her put something away before she gets something else out…but, that too is. exhausting.

So, anyways…life is messy.  I will try to clean it up as best I can, but it will always be messy.


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