Six Word Saturday on Sunday…

Things have to change…or I do.

Perhaps the truth lies a bit in both of those statements.  This last week has been rough.  As I talked about in my Thursday Thumbs Up, that day was less than stellar.  Since then, I have received back word from both my boss and my colleague that I should not worry about anything and that both situations were understandable.  So, I guess that is good, but it still doesn’t solve for all of the issues surrounding the incidences nor does it make me feel 100% better.  Better, for sure, but not 100%.  Since then, I am on a trip with my team and I am realizing the levels of disfunctionality on the team right now.  I knew there were some issues that would have to be dealt with before the next semester (hence my starting Management Mondays), but I don’t think I realized the levels to which some of these problems have risen.  It is exhausting to have to try to deal with all of my everyday responsibilities, all of the bureaucratic stuff (paperwork, etc.) and then try to figure out how to make people who are adults act like adults and take some responsibility and then try to figure out how to motivate a handful of students who seem completely without care or concern about their performances, responsibilities or even their reputations.


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