Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #7 – Sick Days


Well, I think the stress of the last few weeks (months?) has driven me to illness.  I started getting a sore throat yesterday morning and by last night I was achy, it was extremely painful to swallow and my ear hurt.  The aches seem to be gone today, but my throat still hurts (helped by Tylenol, but only for a few hours, then it gradually comes back until I can’t really swallow without flinching anymore) and my ear still hurts.  So, I took a sick day today.  And my Thursday Thumbs Up goes to sick days.  I appreciate the fact that I have a job that offers me paid sick days, but I also appreciate the fact that sick days give me a bit of an excuse to take a break.  I am working today (online for student questions, but no one has contacted me yet) from home, but last night I came home from work, got into PJs and curled up on the couch with a blanket.  I didn’t open my computer and only answered my phone when my husband called.  It was nice.  It made me realize that I probably need to spend more evenings “off-line” even when I’m not suffering from flu symptoms.

I still had to make my daughter dinner, help with her bath, etc. because a Mom doesn’t really get to take sick days.  My husband is out of town for work until tonight, so it was on me to make sure those basics got taken care of for her.  My heart goes out to single parents without strong support systems who can come over and help things get done when you are feeling bad.  It isn’t easy.

But, overall, I am quite lucky to have such flexibility in my job and to know that if I absolutely had to, I could call my husband and have him come home and take over for me.  So, today’s thumbs up goes to the ability to have sick days!


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