White Christmas for a Possibly Snowy Evening

Inspired by Red Tricycle’s “Best Family Holiday Movies” post, I’m watching White Christmas with Bing Crosby right now.  The forecast is for snow in the wee hours of tomorrow morning (something that only happens around here once a decade or so, so it is a big deal), so it seemed even more appropriate!

I remember watching this when I was really little with my parents, resenting the fact that we were not watching something else I’m sure. I loved all the cartoon Christmas specials, but White Christmas seemed a little too serious and grown up.  I love Bing Crosby though, so when I found it for free on Netflix, I decided to watch it tonight while I’m on my own (my hubby has gone on a work trip and taken my daughter to my in-laws for the weekend because I have a big, all-day work event tomorrow and needed some time to do that and get some grading done as we head in to finals).  I had no idea that it started off as a war movie – this may have been what made me think it was not for me when I was little.  I had no idea that it was the first film made in Vista Vision (heck, I didn’t even know what Vista Vision was).  But, I loved the dancing (I used to take dance classes growing up and I still love to watch others dance well), the music and the sweet story line.  The costumes were great as well.  It was definitely a good pick for a cold night on the couch!

The snow has gotten close, but I still have not seen any at my house.  I won’t be surprised if there is a slight dusting before morning as it has been raining pretty continuously and it is very cold.

I’m not sure what I will do during the weekend on my own, but I’m sure I will check out at least a couple of other movies from Red Tricycle’s holiday film list.

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday


Today’s 5 Minute Friday topic is “reflect”…

I am definitely in a reflective state of mind as of late.  As each semester comes to an end for me, I always start to reflect back on what worked and what didn’t work so I can start preparing for the next set of classes I will have.  I try to fix the things that didn’t work and expand on the things that did work.  Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in the reflecting though and I begin to lose sight of what the purpose of the reflection really should be, which is action.  I get bogged down in frustration about why something I thought would work didn’t or where I fell behind in grading and how that may have impacted the remainder of the class or why something worked that did work and how I can make that work in other areas…all thought, no action.

Reflection is really important.  Without looking back, we will not move forward in an efficient and meaningful way.  But, if we just get stuck looking back, we can’t move forward without running into things in our backward-looking blindness.

I am feeling okay about this past semester’s teaching.  Not great, but okay.  Definitely better than I have in some semesters in recent years.  I would like to continue to make more improvements though.  I know exactly what kind of teacher I WANT to be, but sometimes I just can’t get the actual implementation down.

It is the same in the rest of my life as well.  This past year has been pretty much a bust if I were to look back at my New Year’s Resolutions from last year (if I even called them that).  I have not accomplished many of the important things I wanted to change or create or act on.  Instead, I’ve gone along, doing many of the same things that I have been doing.  Sure, I accomplished some things.  I did some things that I enjoyed.  But, I didn’t really create anything new in myself or my surroundings.  As I reflect, I realize that part of that was because I have been living a life of anxiety.  That is what needs to change before anything else can…

Time’s up…kind of an abrupt stoppage.  But, that was actually really eye-opening.  I don’t think I’d realized so clearly the connection to anxiety that so many things in my life have. Something to think about…