Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday (6WS) – Work and Rest

Tough day at work – now…rest.

I am home alone this weekend.  An unusual occurrence and something I very much enjoy.  It is weird.  I am rarely alone, but enjoy short bouts of solitude quite a bit.  I am often alone with my four year old, but that, my friends, is definitely NOT alone!  But, today I had an all day event at work.  It started out at 6:30 with a coffee traveler from Starbucks and ended tonight at 7 p.m. with a big sigh of relief.  The event is something I do every semester, but each semester is different.  The past couple of have been very smooth and enjoyable.  This one, not so much.

So, I’m exhausted after the very, very long day.  But, now I get to sleep in my own bed ALL BY MYSELF!  Crazy!  I also get to get up at whatever time I want to tomorrow (probably early because my body is now programmed to wake up early), watch whatever I want on TV, eat whatever I want all day long, go where ever I want whenever I want during the day and hopefully get a lot done.  I love my husband and daughter very much, but I also love my alone time.  I probably won’t do much different than I would have done if they had been home, but I will say that a few days without a medication schedule, constant “Mommy”s during the day and the need to entertain a four year old is very welcome.  I do need to get a lot of grading done.  My goal is to have my grading done by the end of the semester, so I can focus on prepping my classes for next semester and enjoying the holidays with my family.

What about you?  Can you capture your Saturday in Six Words?