Tuesday To-Do’s

disappointmentWell, I was on a roll for making it through EvDaDaDec (Every Damn Day in December) with my posting and then yesterday happened.  I didn’t have a draft yesterday.  I didn’t even log in to WordPress yesterday.  I had so many things on my mind and plate that I totally forgot about Management Monday (which I was actually planning a post for…in my head).  Oh well, on we go – it is only one day and if I can make it through the remainder of December with a post daily, I will still be proud of myself!

So, today is Tuesday To-Do’s and as usual, I have quite a few of them, so I will simply highlight some of the more important ones on here.

I am still in grading hell…lots to grade and finals are next week so I would really like to have them all entered by the end of this week so all I have to do is add in the final grade and I’m ready to post my grades!  It is probably a pipe dream, but I will keep dreaming all the same.

I have some laundry piled up and since I did such a bang-up job getting the house cleaned up this weekend, I would like to get it done and put away to maintain some semblance of cleanliness and order.

I have a #$*%-ton of paperwork to do this week.  I need to do my TA evaluations, I have a couple of tournament reconciliations I need to finish and turn in, I need to do check requests and reservations for the January tournaments, and I have some follow-up I need to do with students from the Leadership Institute this week or next…sigh.

So, yeah – those are just the highlights.  There are Christmas things I should do, planning for next semester (but that can wait until Winter Break), financial planning to be done, etc.  But, I am feeling a little less stressed out and anxiety-ridden today, so maybe things are looking up.  Or maybe I just haven’t drank as much coffee…