Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #9


On this Thursday, I’m going to focus on some online websites that I enjoy reading:

Upworthy – This website’s tagline is “Things that matter.  Pass ’em on.”  They send out videos and articles that are positive, surprising, motivational, etc.  I find them to have some really fascinating, entertaining and share-worthy stuff.  Definitely a thumbs up for that!

A Mighty Girl – As a mom of a daughter and a feminist, I heart this website.  I follow them on Facebook as well and the stuff they post is motivational, educational and truly empowering.  They offer books, clothes, toys and media that is focused on breaking down gender stereotypes for both girls and boys.  It is a great website to visit if you are looking for gifts for a girl on your list!

Kindness Blog – In a world where there are a ton of negative stories each and every day, this blog is a positive, inspirational and truly enjoyable blog.  If you need a little positive message in your day, this is a great place to tune in!

So, there are three of my latest favorites online.  Enjoy!

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