Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Reflect

Five Minute Friday


Today’s Five Minute Friday is “Reflect” –

Right now, as the semester ends, I always take some time to reflect back on how it went.  In the past few years, I have been so stressed out that it is always painful to reflect back and realize all the things that slipped through the cracks.  The things I wanted to do, planned to do, tried to do and failed.  But, this semester is a bit better.  It wasn’t perfect, for sure.  But, overall, I feel like the classes were better.  The students were more engaged.  The assignments were a TON better.  I have things that I definitely want to change moving forward, but there is a lot I want to remain the same.  So, that is a nice feeling.

Reflecting back on each semester is important.  Although each semester is vastly different because the students are different, there is a lot to be learned by looking back and taking stock.  It isn’t always easy.  Some semesters I would prefer to just forget.  Forget the mistakes.  Forget the students.  Forget it all.  But, I feel good that it isn’t true of this semester.  I am still overwhelmed.  I am still behind.  But, not nearly to the extent I have been in the past and I feel like I have a grip on where things started to falter and I can start looking at how to fix that.

One thing that I’m attempting to do more in my class planning is really focus on the learning objectives for the class.  I think sometimes I get distracted by concepts in the textbooks or things that the students get focused on and I lose sight of what is truly important.  So one of my reflections this semester is going back and categorizing every reading, every assignment, every concept by learning objective.  I still need to get rid of some things in order to have enough time to allow the students to work on problems related to the material and have discussions and I think the best way of doing that is to narrow things down through the filter of the learning objectives.  We’ll see how it goes…now and next semester!


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