Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday (6WS) – Christmas Edition

Cookies, presents, lights and more – SCORE!

I am officially done teaching for the Fall 2013 semester.  I still am finishing up my grading, but I am feeling good about being able to get that done before Christmas next week.  Today I have a Christmas cookie exchange, for which I am taking the easy way out and making green and red crinkle cookies from a box cake mix (I am not a baker extraordinaire, but the color seems festive and my chocolate crinkle cookies last year turned out good, so I feel safe doing these).  For a little more flavor, I am adding crushed candy canes to the red crinkle cookies.  I hope people aren’t offended by the simplicity of them.

In addition, since I’ve been busy teaching and finishing up my semester, I have not had a chance to Christmas shop at all.  So, we’re going to get a sitter and do some tomorrow or Monday I think (maybe Monday would be better for less crowds).  We don’t go overboard on presents, but I am going to do Four Gifts for my daughter and I need to buy for my family members since we’re going to my mom’s and/or sister’s for actual Christmas.  We are delaying celebrating with my in-laws until after the new year, which gives me some time for those.

We are planning many trips out and about to see the Christmas lights as this is one of my daughter’s favorite things now.  We listen to Christmas music and drive around ooohing and ahhhing for a while and she absolutely loves it.

Overall, I am very happy where this season seems to be for us!  Now, to hold on to that momentum and make 2014 an equally happy and healthy year!


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