Thursday Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Thursday #10 – Christmas Edition


Hope everyone who celebrated yesterday had a good day.  Our day was pretty good, minus the tire blowout on the freeway on the way to pick up my mom.  Luckily it did not cause any lasting damage to us or our car and AAA was out within an hour and my sister was able to go pick up my mom so we could just go straight to her house, so it really didn’t impact us negatively a whole bunch.  $90 of our Christmas money went to a new tire today and we’re all home safely!  I am not feeling like posting much tonight, so this will be a short edition of the thumbs up!

  1. Christmas!  I love the holiday.  I love the way it brings families together.  I like that there are traditions tied to it.  I like that it is followed up by a brand new year, so you are feeling good and immediately get to take that momentum into the new year.  I know it isn’t a perfect holiday with the commercialization and gift-giving discomfort, but overall I really enjoy the day a lot!
  2. Hospice.  My dad has been in hospice care for about six months now (maybe a little longer) and they have been fantastic.  I know that my mom has been comforted knowing that nurses are coming a couple of times of week to check on him and that the medication he needs to make him comfortable is available and even delivered.  The whole dying process really kind of angers me in this country (where I feel we often are more compassionate about the care of our animals than the care of humans, but that is another post), but hospice definitely is one of those places where true angels are to be found.
  3. Time off of work.  I can’t imagine having to go back to work right now.  Our house is a disaster, we are all sleep deprived after only one night away from home and Bean has two weeks out of school.  I know that I would make it work if I had to, but I really respect those individuals who have to get out of the house and go to their 9-5 jobs a day or two after Christmas and figure out how to make school breaks work for them and such.  I am thankful I have an academic job whose schedule matches up with my daughters pretty well.  Now if I could just figure out how to keep my house cleaner…oh, wait…I think I may have figured that out too!  But, that is to come in a later post.  Stay tuned!

So, that’s it for me.  I’m pooped.  I forgot to pay our internet bill, so we’re using our phone bandwith until the internet comes back on (I paid it upon arriving home tonight, but it usually takes a couple of hours to kick back on).   I will probably head to bed soon and hope to wake up early to deal with the house that was obviously hit by some kind of tornado while we were gone, clean out the refrigerator of all the gross leftovers from our Christmas Eve Chinese Food fest (the food was good at the time, but now it just looks…unappetizing), and try to figure out a good breakfast to make for everyone.  I will also be drinking my Vanilla Nut coffee my hubby got me for Christmas, which may be on next week’s Thursday’s Thumbs Up (maybe).

Wishing you a good night and lots of thumbs ups for this Thursday!