Wordless Wednesday

(almost) Wordless Wednesday – Happy New Year!

Happy 2014!  Mine has started off pretty good – my daughter has been next door playing for two hours, allowing me to get a ton done (and for them to keep their little one entertained – so it is a win-win of sorts) and we’re going to go with them to see Walking with The Dinosaurs at 2:45 p.m. this afternoon.  This will be my first time seeing a movie with her, so it should be interesting.  They invited her to go with just them, but she wanted me to go, so I said I would.  Plus, it will insure that I get out of the house today as well.  🙂

We had a quiet night last night with no festivities other than someone down the street shooting off some fireworks around 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.  By midnight we were in bed and pretty much asleep.  Fine by me.  I feel good today and my hubby got off on time for his trek to So Cal this morning.  So, I’ve been alone with the cat and dog for the past two hours, getting a ton done.  Feels good.  Really good.

Here are some Wordless Wednesday items from this past week – enjoy!

Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day challenge - Jan. 1 = lunch!
Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day challenge – Jan. 1 = lunch!


Our kitty enjoying the tree.
Our kitty enjoying the tree.


Christmas fun!
Christmas fun!


Since it will soon be gone...
Since it will soon be gone…







Get your new blog off to a great start (Hint: we can help!)

If you are thinking of starting a blog of your own (or just want some regularly scheduled advice to keep yours going successfully or building a following), WordPress is offering some help today and in the coming weeks. Check out the link at the bottom for a link to their 30 Day challenge starting tomorrow, January 2!

The WordPress.com Blog

Publishing a blog can be tons of fun, and a great way to make friends and create opportunities. Starting one couldn’t be easier: sign up, pick a theme, and off you go. But maintaining one and building an audience? That takes a little more work — publishing regularly and engaging with the rest of the blogging community.

To make sticking to your 2014 blogging resolution easy and fun, we’re introducing a way to stay on top of your blogging goals. Whether you’re a brand-new blogger looking to make a splash, hope to return to a tumbleweed-strewn site you started long ago, or just want to introduce a little regularity to your blog, we’re here to help you get there.

Now, when you register a new blog, you’ll be able to pick a posting goal of weekly or monthly:

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 5.52.03 AM

If you’ve already got a blog, you can head to your account…

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