Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday – Fight

Five Minute Friday

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is “Fight.”  Here we go:

Fight.  The word means many, many things.  Sometimes it is the urge to stand up and be strong in the face of some obstacle.  Other times it is the urge to take out aggression on someone or something else.  Other times it may mean arguing with another over some thing or another.  Some say that my daughter’s illness was the “fight” of my life or the “fight” of her life.  But, in some ways, I feel like it may have been the opposite.  It was actually the surrender of our lives.  We didn’t really have anything to do with “fighting” what had her down.  We had to surrender to the knowledge and help from others.  Doctors and nurses and friends and family.  It is strange what people say about illness – this idea of “fighting” the illness.  I think perhaps we say that out of our need to have an enemy.  Some identified opposition that we can defeat through sheer effort and dedication.  But, illness is different than that.  Illness is not some external opponent, it is within us.  It is us.  We can’t identify ourselves and fight.  So, I think in many ways, we should change the way we talk about illness.  Perhaps instead of telling people to fight or saying they are in for the “fight” of their lives, we need to say they need to surrender.  They are in for the surrender of their lives, where they have to follow the directions of others who have more knowledge and more resources than they do.  They must surrender to need for medical intervention and they must surrender their need to be in control.  It is not what we want to hear or what we want to say or what we want to do, but in reality, it is probably what we need most.

–and that is it.  Not exactly where I thought that would go, but that is the beauty of the Five Minute Friday.

You’re next…

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