Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday – Uninspired


To-do list is short, inspiration too.

I officially turned in my final grades for Fall 2013 last night.  And now, I feel relatively uninspired.  Part of it is that I am spending the weekend (which is glorious weather-wise) at my parent’s house.  I had to take my mom to a CT Scan today so the doctor can check if the Tamoxifin they put her on is working to keep the tumor growth down (she has had multiple bouts of cancer and the chemo is failing to do anything so she is now just on Tamoxifin).  I am staying here through Monday because she has the follow up appointment with the doctor then.  So, I’m here in a somewhat depressing house (my dad is in hospice and is not doing very well – there has been multiple times that we have been told he won’t make it through the week, but he keeps holding on physically, but he is completely gone cognitively) and my mom has an infected tooth so she is relatively miserable on top of all that and I probably will have to take her to the dentist on Monday morning as well.  So, I am feeling less than inspired.

I have things to do – prepping for my Spring classes, doing some work on this blog and networking for the blog, cleaning up my computer files, reading a book (trying to read more in 2014), etc., etc.  But, none of it sounds the least bit interesting or compelling to me at this point.  The sad thing is I have only 17 days before school starts again, so some of this really NEEDS to get done right now.  In addition, I should try to get out and enjoy the glorious weather we are having.

So, I need to find some inspiration.  I am glad I’m able to come and help out my mom but I wish the house wasn’t so dark and depressing right now.  I want to be happy and celebrate the fact that I am done with grading, but I’m just feeling blah.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel better about things.

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