Tuesday To-Do’s – Focus on Seven Edition

Focus on Seven Button Design

Since I’m trying to focus on my seven prioritized areas in 2014, I thought I would shift my to-do lists to focus on those seven as well.  There will, of course, be things that don’t fit within those seven, but I will try to make sure I have some things in each area each week.  This week is a relatively slow week for me to-do wise as I’m on Winter Break (although, I need to prep my classes to keep from becoming a raving lunatic once the semester begins) and Bean (my daughter) is back in school.  So, I’m sitting in a peacefully quiet house, drinking coffee and enjoying myself.  Tomorrow I need to go into work to take care of a few administrative things, but my schedule is blissfully open this week.  Next week is push time in that it is the last week before school starts, but this week, I will take it easy!  And, now – on to my to-do’s:

Friendship – I don’t really have anything in this area this week.  My Moms group isn’t meeting until next week and I’m traveling out of town for the weekend for a late Christmas with my in-laws so I’m missing out on a Mom’s Night Out this Friday.  This will have to be something that I make up for in later weeks.  I guess I will count that I am taking a friend to the airport (1 1/2 hour drive) tomorrow.  It is a friend that I used to be much closer to than I have been lately, but maybe this will be a start to closer year.

  • Take friend to airport

Health – I am planning to get the Wii hooked up and working with week in order to start doing Wii Fit again.  Bean wants it hooked up to play Mario Cart and I figure it is a good reason to get the Wii Fit board out and start tracking my progress.  I don’t much like exercising, but Wii Fit makes it pretty fun and measuring my progress should keep me motivated.  I think I need another cord to get it hooked up, but I will read up on it and get it figured out.  I also figure that having this relatively relaxing week is good for my mental health.

  • Hook up the wii
  • Get started on Wii Fit again
  • Relax while Bean is at school this week!

Inner Harmony – This is a tough one.  I am still trying to figure out how best to figure out who I am exactly.  How to feel totally comfortable with myself instead of trying to be someone I am not (but, without knowing who I am, how do I know who I am not?  deep…).  I think that journaling will be my first step.  I used to journal like crazy.  This blog is sort of like a journal, but I obviously am not going to be go whole hog in disclosing things on a public blog page (maybe later in life, but not now).  Plus I love the idea of really getting creative with a journal.  I have a few pins like this that I hope will inspire me:

Journal Pinterest

  • Find or get a book to use as a creative journal
  • Start using it!

Knowledge – I am constantly doing stuff in this category, but I really want to focus on reading books as part of it.  I am in the middle of a David Sedaris book that I would like to finish this week so I can start on another book.  So, that will be my goal.

Economic security – This area is a total disaster to start the new year.  I am really not very happy with the way things are going at this point.  We had an unexpected business expense right at the start of the month that will be reimbursed, but it kicked everything out of kilter financially and I just can’t get a handle on it.  It is really upsetting at this point.  But, there is nothing I can do about it other than deal with it.  It is just going to be a tough month.  I am trying to avoid grocery shopping and I will be saying no to any other extra expenses, but the whole thing has crashed and burned already this year.

  • Deal with all the financial stuff that has gone haywire.
  • Go and sign paperwork for the extra money I have coming for the institute I did last semester (should come at the end of the month).
  • Finish a reimbursement I have coming from last semester and get that processed.
  • Make sure that hubby turns in the reimbursement as soon as he gets back from business trip.

Family happiness – Well, we were supposed to be going to my in-laws for late Christmas this coming weekend, but my FIL is sick and we may end up having to postpone it until even later.  So, I may have to come up with an alternative for spending some quality family time together this weekend.  My hubby will be home on Friday from his nine day business trip, so we could have a family weekend here at home.  Which, in all honesty would not break my heart.  I am not looking forward to traveling this weekend because I have a tournament out of town next weekend and two weekends in a row and then school starting is going to make my inner harmony go all out of whack.  But, spending some time as a family whether we go to in-laws or not is at the top of the priorities for this weekend.

  • Either visit in-laws and do late Christmas or have a family focused weekend at home.

Spirituality  – This area is lacking a bit as I was at my mom’s this past Sunday and if we go to in-laws we will be out of town this coming Sunday and then a tournament the following weekend means three weekends in a row without church.  I miss it.  I am going to do a couple of things church-related outside of church (a women’s group and a new church member orientation class), but those don’t start until the week of January 21.  So, this may be a bit on hold for the time being.  I did just get a book that was suggested on another blog, so I will use that as a means of focusing in this area this week.


***Update – before I could get back to this post to put the links in and finish it up my sister called to say that my dad was not doing well (he’s been on hospice for about five months) and probably only has a matter of hours to days at the most.  We’ve heard this message before a few times, but my sister said he is the worst she has seen him.  So, I packed a bag and will go back there right after the airport tomorrow.  It means that I may not get through all of the above, but we shall see.  I have to admit that between this and the financial start to the year I am less than pleased with the first full week of 2014.  But, we’ll deal with it and hopefully things will get better in the coming weeks and months.

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